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Teaching Your Child Psychology?

Even after reading multiple health-related blogs and articles, we always come down to the need to expose these areas to children. In modern society, we tend to want to protect our children from everything, let them have absolutely no stressors and maintain a stable life.

But life does not work that way, even with a textbook stress-free life a child can have distress, and mental health disturbance. It stands true, not only for a child but for an adult as well. The reason behind this is that we are human, a child, is as much a person as an adult, and therefore has the same tendencies. 

Our situation is responsible for our feelings, but more than that it is the belief and thoughts we have that tend to influence us. Similarly for a child what they think, feel, and believe matters a lot. Two people in the same situation can have different opinions, thoughts, and behaviour. 

Speaking of personal beliefs and individuality, we can say that no child is the same, the needs of some are not that of others. And the first step in this situation is making your child aware of the fact that he/she/they may have different needs and wants than other children, and that is completely alright.

Back in the Past

Looking back at our history we have not only treated children the same way we treat adults, but we have also tried to shape them into the same moulds. We have made them run a race towards the idea of a successful life, forgetting that the idea of success is not the same for everyone and that the idea of satisfaction may not be a success for everyone. 

So Where Do We Lack, Exactly?

We lacked in giving importance to the psychological needs of children and in doing so we not only hampered their growth but may have let many treatable symptoms worsen. This has now become the major focus of every child psychologist/psychiatrist i.e., to provide, make aware, research, and work on providing the best psychological support system to children. Children are not only our future, they have their future, which they have the full right to live with the best of their potential at work. To find that satisfaction/success in life at their pace, with their hard work, is the future we see for our children.

So the Question Remains Whether Exposure to Psychology is a Good or Bad Thing for Children

Our fears are valid, that too much exposure may result in vulnerability. They may feel inclined toward certain ideas they have been made aware of. But can this flow of information be stopped in this day and age?

with the internet, global connectivity and technology, children are often more aware than adults of emotional and behavioural patterns. with a difference that many of them don't know what to do with this information, and here the vulnerability starts.

We don't become vulnerable with access to more information, we become so if we don't know what to do with that information.

How to Help Your Child?

To help your child, learn to help yourself first. We cannot impart the knowledge we don't possess. And it is what we don't understand that leads to fear.

As a new-age parent, you have access to multiple platforms, like psychologists, doctors, social workers, and teachers to help you understand more clearly, how to help your child process the harsh feelings of this new world. 

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At Udgam we give a lot of importance to parenting. No matter the difficulties your child may face, the idea of understanding and being able to support the child to reach their potential is essential. Stay tuned for more information on this website.


Anuja Sathe

Counselling Psychologist

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