Employee Mental Health Wellness Program

“Corporate Psychiatry or Work place counselling is a psychiatric or Psychological knowledge or skill for the individual of an organization, to deal with day to day emotional, behavioral issues related to organization or work, which effects working culture or environment, and make them functionally better”

What is Workplace Counselling & Why psychological wellness is important for employees and employers?

Working is essential for human beings, they are born to work. The job itself and the work life associated with it forms an integral and important part of the individual’s life. The perceptions and expectations from jobs differ based on whether it’s a government job, corporate jobs or NGOs. Nevertheless, work tends to cause stress some time or the other, many a times costing individuals their mental and emotional well-being. So the nature of job, culture in the office, personality of superiors, subordinates and colleaguesalong with their own strengths and social skills impact significantly on the mental well-being of the employees.

A person although excelling at his/her work might be simultaneously managing other daily hassles and possibly sacrificing certain important aspects of his/her life to maintain the work performance. Mottos such as “Love your work” “enjoy your work”, “work is worship” also might sound good, but can also become distressing thoughts. Maintaining a constant good outcome can be difficult asone’s work is influenced by lots of people, their nature, personality, mind sets, and their current emotion. Thus maintaining one’s mental well-being is equally important as maintaining one’s work performance.

Not giving time for the employees for self-care and enhancing their mental well-being can deterioratethe organization’s work culture, create conflicts among employees, frequent absenteeism or resignation and ultimately the organization’s overall output. Workplace conflict or stress also affects employees’ personal, family and social life and therefore disrupt the overall work life balance.
So considering all the factors, work place harmony is essential for organizational growth and corporate Psychiatry helps to achieve this goal.


•Attainment of Organizational goals
• Improved work culture and employee satisfaction
Focusses on enhancing employee’s mental health and quality of life
•Improved retention and recruitment
•Decreased absenteeism
•Increased productivity

What is the major source of stress at work place?

Considering work related stress we need to understand components of work place, work culture and the goal of the work.

  • Physical Infrastructure: Stress could be arise from even Quality of building, convenience of place, transportation facilities, canteen or other infrastructure.
  • Interpersonal Relationship: At the other hand relationship among employees, coordination among them, ways of communication of instruction or work, maintenance of work profile, working hours, permission of leave, timely promotion or increment, regular salary payment, realistic or unrealistic target, even distribution of work, permissible time for targets, nature of clients, regulatory body, policies play vital role for stress.
  • Personal Attributes of Employees: Nature or personality, coping skills, stress management, mental health status of employer or employees have great impact on work place stress.

Apart from these major sources of stress, few jobs are highly stress related or very challenging. Persons working in fire safety, fire station, police, army, aviation related jobs like cabin crew, pilot, space scientist, navy person, marine related jobs, acting, sports, and performance related works. In these works accidents, situational crisis, high demand of presence of mind, high decision taking ability, high ability to take stress. A detailed psychological assessment consisting projective tests, personality assessment, aptitude test, intelligence test, career ability test are needed to screen them carefully. A regular assessment and counseling is also necessary for maintenance of their mental well being.

How to recognize signs and symptoms of work-relatedmental health issues in the corporate environment?

  • They feel disturbed sleep pattern, generalized body ache, headache, gastric upset, low energy, low mood, restlessness, unexplained fear. Increased irritability, frequent fight, frequent mistakes in work, lack of communication, frequent absenteeism or application for leave just to stay away from work, resignation without proper reason, decreased work performance is observed by officials.
  • Other red flag signs may be anxiety, depression, decreased confidence level, poor attention and concentration, hopelessness, worthlessness, Addiction, sharing negative contents on social media or even death wish.

Giving an example, Ms XX, a 32-year-old lady, who was undergoing a legal separation process from her husband and was staying at her mother’s house. She is a receptionist in a premium hospital and was doing excellent work. A few old patients knew her for a long time, and when they noticed that her behavior had changed, they escalated their matter to the consultant. She was no longer polite or assuring. She would communicate in a few words with patients and staff. People also felt she remained irritated, made frequent mistakes, and remained aloof. She began taking leave frequently because of headache, body ache, low energy, lethargy, low mood, and low interest in her job, about which she had once been very passionate. The matter was escalated to her MD, and after a detailed discussion, she revealed her problems. She was under stress and unable to share her grief due to various reasons, and she was suffering from the depressive disorder with symptoms of anxiety. She was given medicines and psychotherapy. Gradually she started working efficiently.

How to cope up with Work-Related Stress?

We have the treatment options to deal with work-related mental health stress.

  • It varies from screening of total employees to individual psychotherapy and psychiatric consultation.
  • We work through our wellness modules consisting of various steps for management.

Modus Operandi (Operational Procedures) Of Corporate Psychiatry

  • Assessment
  • Screening through questionnaire online or
  • offline
  • Detailed psychological assessment including projective test, personality assessment, aptitude test, intelligence test, career ability test and many more tests for high stress jobs.
  • Time to time online survey
  • Therapy and more.
  • Regular webinar, workshops or seminars by team udgam.
  • Regular emails and blogs for sensitization
    Individual one 2 one consultation with clinical psychologist or psychiatrist
  • Through evidence-based, cognitive behavioral training (CBT) programs employees are empowered to overcome negative thoughts and unhealthy behaviors.
  • This approach restructures the thought process and promote sustained healthy behaviors.
    For those seeking additional mental health care, we also offer online consultation with physicians as appropriate.
  • We believe in team based care consisting psychiatrist, qualified clinical psychologist (M.phil in clinical psychology) and other mental health professionals.
  • We build personalized team to each employee as per their unique needs.

Impact Assessment of Corporate Psychiatry

“Happy workers are the Productive Ones”

We expect the impact on employee wellness and your return on this investment through:

⦁ Increased Contribution of Employees
⦁ Attainment of Goals and Objectives
⦁ Low absenteeism rates
⦁ High employee retention Data
⦁ High employee satisfaction
⦁ High score on WEMWBS

Focus Areas in Corporate Psychiatry

⦁ Alcoholism and absenteeism
⦁ Work-Life Harmony in new normal of Work from Home?
⦁ Different work load on Mind while Work from Home? Overburdened Underutilized, Isolated, Boredom?
⦁ Mental wellbeing in a high profile job.
⦁ Soft skill training for HR professionals.
⦁ Anger Management at office.
⦁ Tough / Volatile Boss.
⦁ Low work performance.
⦁ How to manage the team and achieve the goals.
⦁ Removing your working profile to make you kneel down in front of boss.
⦁ Mental and sexual harassment at work place.
⦁ Romance at a glance at work place.
⦁ Is it a high stress job for reception? How to deal with it?