Special Education

Special Educator

Children who have special needs because of deficits in their cognitive, intellectual or attention abilities require specific training and instruction methods by specially trained professionals to help them overcome the difficulties and achieve their highest potential. They help children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, physical and behavioral issues etc. We have customized special education for kids as per precise need and requirement like

  • Remedial Classes helps to prepare students in math, English, or basic reading, writing or for providing the basic knowledge in any subject, before taking the regular classes in schools or colleges to bridge the gap with regular school classes.
  • Early intervention means doing things as early as possible to help a child in study, health to check the further deterioration and bring gradual improvement.
  • Skill Development helps students to realize the true potential and we help them to select the skill that is close to his or her interest and passion.
  • Brain Gym We use simple techniques and activities that help kids to perform the simple movements for brain stimulation. The program is designed to engage the kids and keep their interest intact throughout the duration of the program.

Guidance and counseling Through expert guidance and counseling sessions we guide them for their desired personal, career, and professional goals and help them to realize their true potential in life and stretch the possibilities for better development and progress in life. 


What is Special Education?

Special Education is the process of addressing the individual needs of children through individually planned and systematically monitored teaching procedures, using specific teaching-learning material, accessible settings, adapted aids and modified educational plans.  The process help the children, achieve to their maximum potential by encouraging the strengths and working on the deficit skills.

Who requires special education?

Children facing

  • Learning problems, like specific learning Disabilities,
  • Communication problems, like speech/ language impairments,
  • Emotional and behavioral disorders, like ADHD,
  • Physical Disabilities like CP, Muscular dystrophy, ataxia, etc,
  • Developmental Disabilities, like, Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, etc and many more,, benefits from specially designed and modified way of teaching procedures/ strategies in special education.

How special education works

  • The child is initially assessed for present level of functioning in the core areas of development like ADL’s, Speech & Language, Motor skills, Cognitive Development, Social-Emotional Development, etc, and Specific Individualized plan is devised to work on building the deficit skills through specialized strategies.

Importance of Special Education

  • It is a rewarding experience to be able to make a difference in lives of people/ parents/ children and families.
  • The Special Educator, not only brings out the child from its shell, but also helps him/her bloom/ blossom into a flower and give wings to the child to fly & soar to gain confidence and satisfaction. Along with, also supports the parents and families enabling them to create a positive environment and secured future for their child.

How UDGAM will help

Udgam provides the platform and opportunity to lend open arms and serving hands to welcome the children and parents to an arena of possibilities and realities. After the detailed assessment if your child has difficulties, an Individualized program of activities is planned. This personalized plan

  • Lists individualized goals for the child.
  • Specifies the plan for services the youngster will receive.

The team of specialized and skilled educators with latest teaching learning material and accessible infrastructure would help the parents seek the answers for their queries and get the required support and remedial plan for their child. We believe that right interventions for children can bring impactful changes in their and theirs parent’s life.

We have online home based program and clinic based program for children with neurodevelopment difficulties special needs and Learning Disability. We provide quality care, support & multidisciplinary services to achieve this and promote Hope, Health & Happiness. We request the parents to visit the centre with their children for any Development Delay in Academics, Attention, Communication, Learning, Writing and Memorizing. Do visit us and meet our competent team, headed by Mr. Rakesh Kumar.



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