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We have been hearing a lot about mental illness, we hear about the symptoms, repercussions, and stress that come with it. And we have a habit of projecting ourselves onto the given symptoms and cases. While it makes you aware, unnecessary panic also comes because you become so assured in your conclusion that it starts to affect you negatively,

When should You Consult a Psychiatrist? 

The easier, and less stressful way, would be to consult a psychiatrist (or other mental health professionals) to let go of your doubts or to reach a diagnosis. Choosing an assured and reliable means to care for your health beats using the internet. Doctors specialized in the field of psychiatry are called a psychiatrist. They have completed 5 years of MBBS, and then 3 years of MD. Psychiatrists are often found employed in multispeciality hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, Govt care centers, NGOs, private clinics, etc.

We can interact with a psychiatrist to get aid in challenging situations because mental health awareness is useful if we use it to make wise judgments.

Mental Health in 2023

One such decision is to get help when we need it, from proper channels and with licensed professionals. Let us be aware of those who spread false information, and advice without proper knowledge. And give more weightage to harmful practices than evidence-based treatments.

Many individuals have started online pages or youtube channels, without a certified professional operating them. These people cause more harm to the individual.

Providing good, reliable, and assured assessment and treatment plans for mental health is the reason for needing a psychiatrist in 2023.

Adhere to the Treatment Plan.

No monument is built in a day, is a classic metaphor. Treatment doesn’t show instant results. More often than not even medications take up to 2 weeks to work. So, in the case of therapy which has a huge number of variables affecting it, it would take a good amount of time. 

When you enter a treatment session,  it is designed based on 

  • the situation,  
  • your preparedness, 
  • insight level
  • adherence level 

It is personalised, and effective. A lot of the control is in your hands. It is your life. So don’t cheat yourself, by not sticking to a program that is helping you.

And if you ever feel that the treatment plan is not good for you, speak to your doctor. And adjust the plan accordingly.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar - PsychiatristPsychiatrist in Delhi

Experience: With 13+ years of experience in psychiatry, Dr. Rajesh Kumar is a shining example of an empathetic and humble professional. He is a research-oriented professional, who focuses a lot on utilizing evidence-based treatment in his practice. He is currently working in MAX Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi as a consultant. Sir has worked with various institutions, and gained knowledge in many different areas. He prefers to stay connected with other professionals to cater to the needs of his patients. 

Expertise: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Internet addiction, Headache and Migraine, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorder, De-addiction, Sexual Disorder, Marital & relationship crisis management, and Various Modern Therapy like rTMS

A Note to Remember: 

Always remember to ask your therapist/psychiatrist, anything that comes to your mind. They are there to help you and as such being open with them is important. Through these conversations, the patient and therapist both get a better understanding of the situation. And how to acknowledge it.

Mental health professionals are obligated to brief you before any decisions are made. So don’t feel as if you don’t have any control over the situation. And make your decisions with all the facts in front of you.

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