Mental health services

It should be comprehensive (promotion, care, management and rehabilitation), integrated (within and between different sectors) and delivered to the entire population (public health approach). To deliver good quality mental health care, several activities and programme should work effectively and efficiently together.

How it is common among general population

Mental disorders including depression, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders have a huge burden and affecting nearly 10.0% of the population. According to “National Health Survey of India-2016”, by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India the Prevalence of mental disorders in age group 13-17 years was 7.3% and nearly equal in both genders. Nearly 9.8 million of young Indians aged between 13-17 years are in need of active interventions. Prevalence of mental disorders was nearly twice (13.5%) as much in urban metros as compared to rural (6.9%) areas. The most common prevalent problems were Depressive Episode & Recurrent Depressive Disorder (2.6%), Agoraphobia (2.3%), Intellectual Disability (1.7%), Autism Spectrum Disorder (1.6%), Phobic anxiety disorder (1.3%) and Psychotic disorder (1.3%).

Nature of Psychiatric illness

There are varieties of psychiatric illness which is curable and some of them are treatable. Like other medical illness, be it Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid, Or Skin disease, a continuous medicine is required to control few psychiatric illness.  Relapses of symptoms are also very common in psychiatric illness like OCD, Bipolar illness, addiction, psychosis etc. Relapses of mental illness is related to seasonal changes, stressors, sleep deficiency, medicine discontinuation, or nature of illness itself. We should take care of patients and take regular visits to Psychiatrist.

What UDGAM provide for psychiatric patients?

UDGAM is amongst Delhi's leading providers of Advanced Mental Health and Well-Being Services. UDGAM is serving thousands of individuals & executing State of the Art Advanced & Outcome-Oriented Programs. UDGAM offers a professional & integrated system of Psychological, Psychiatric & child Rehabilitation Programs, corporate mental wellbeing programme through its highly trained team of Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Special Educator, Speech therapist, occupational therapist and other Therapists.

Services at UDGAM:

We provide

At clinic (OPD) and online treatment.

  • In Patients (IPD) services, admission for addiction and psychiatric patients.
  • Adult psychiatry
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry,
  • Rehabilitation programs for addiction and psychiatric patients,
  • Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy and Psychological assessment.
  • Corporate Psychiatry.
  • School mental health program.
  • psychologist training