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What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech therapy is an aspect of mental health and rehabilitation service that has a wide range of benefits and uses. It involves the detailed assessment and treatment of speech problems, speech disorders, communication issues, and retraining. Speech therapists are trained in the art of identifying, analyzing, assessing, and managing speech and language disorders.

Benefits of Speech and Language Therapy

The benefits of speech therapy go beyond being able to speak clearly. It is helpful in teaching language or reteaching, it helps train people to voice themselves well enough in stressful situations, and it works with stutters and other communication problems.

It is helpful for both children and adults who have communication problems, hearing problems, memory problems, or difficulty swallowing.

Types of Speech Disorders

Speech disorders or problems can be caused by structured abnormalities and any kind of functional abnormalities due to injury, TBI, illness, hearing problems and as a symptom of another disorder, trauma, or a neurodevelopmental disorder.

The most common problems, that can cause communication problems are

  • Aphasia: when the area of the brain that works with language is affected or injured, the ability to read, write or speak a language becomes hard.
  • Apraxia: when the individual can understand the language but have difficulty constructing the words they want to say.
  • Speech sound disorder: when people are unable to form certain words or pronounce them properly. This difficulty is not due to childhood teaching or language barriers.
  • Stuttering: is when an individual has a blockage or interruption in the flow of their speech. 
  • Expressive disorder: leads to difficulty in conveying information with proper sentence structure.
  • Receptive Disorder: find it difficult to understand what is being said to you.
  • Resonance disorder: when your oral cavities are affected, that disrupts proper airflow, and you find it hard to make certain sounds.

How to Know If You Need Speech Therapy?

If you or a child shows symptoms of disrupted, interrupted, or absent speech, you should go to a speech therapist. In many conditions speech delay or absence is part of the symptoms of that disease, and therefore a lot cannot be done before that major illness is treated. But speech therapy is one such medical field, where there is no limit to practice. The more you work, the better you get. In the case of children, it is beneficial if the symptoms are detected early. 

The therapist first takes an assessment, to see where the problem lies. For example, if there is unclear speech, then we ensure we know the problem areas before we can plan how to move forward. Then depending on the problem, a plan is created to ensure that weak areas are targeted, along with strengthening existing skills. to, read more follow our main web page click here... https://udgammentalhealthcare.com/speech-and-language-therapy

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