Psychiatrists are doctors, who specialize in working with mental health and related disorders. With the rise of awareness of mental health, the need for a psychiatrist is also increasing. There has been a long history of prejudice against those with mental illness. But with the rise of scientific studies, and human rights policies, our medical sector has become patient-friendly. It puts the needs of the patients as a priority. Their overall well-being, physical, social, emotional, and mental is what the healthcare team focuses on.

A Good Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Doctor in Delhi

A psychiatrist is skilled in assessing the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral/physical characteristics of mental health problems in the patient. 

There are many qualities that you would look for in a good psychiatrist.

  • One is the depth of knowledge they have. You can research more on it using the internet, reviews, and even by having a preliminary session with the doctor.
  • The second thing you look for is empathy and availability. How closely are they able to understand, reflect, and willing to take the time and effort needed to explain the treatments to you?
  • Good listening and observation skills along with the ability to ‘work with the patient’ are also necessary when undergoing therapy with a professional.

Psychiatrists can work in many fields, such as clinics, hospitals, universities, community centers, correction facilities, military/government settings, etc. Models of treatment like therapy, medications, behavioral interventions, and rehabilitation programs, are used depending on the requirement of each patient.

Mental Health Disorders

Some of the most common disorders that psychiatrists work with are


Characterized by excessive worry, apprehension and fear due to a person or event, anxiety disorder symptoms must persist for 6 months to be diagnosed. 


The depressive disorder comes under the category of mood disorders. Individuals with depression show disturbed eating or sleeping habits, loss of pleasure in activities, exhaustion, feeling worthless, and hopeless, and slowing down of movements.   

  • OCD

OCD is characterized by obsession over a thought, followed by the compulsion to reduce it, by doing a repetitive ritual. This ritual takes up a good amount of time in the day. And this ritual does not reduce anxiety. For example, excessive washing of hands, and placing objects in a certain way.


The bipolar affective disorder is a complex mood disorder with symptoms that range from feeling worthless and hopeless, lack of interest in things, and social withdrawal, to grandiose ideas, restlessness, and hyperactivity. 


It is a disorder that distorts a person’s sense of reality. It appears in the form of distortion of thought, perception, communication, and movement.

It affects how a person thinks, feels, or behaves. It causes severe distress and can be disabling.

Psychiatrist At Udgam

At Udgam we believe our resources to be efficient as we cater to the child, adults, parents, and families. Our clinic has been growing in terms of facilities, and currently, we have multiple departments to cater to children and adults. Parents tend to run around trying to find a special educator for their child or an occupational therapist to set up meetings between the two parties, which can cause a lot of stress.

By providing quality care, support, intervention, and multidisciplinary services for various psychological, and behavioral issues, the clinic tries to bridge the gap of the time lost in understanding the problem and then finding the right professional for it. There are psychology and psychiatry for mental healthcare, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and special education.

Udgam - A Mental Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre is located at 66, Vikas Marg, Near Karkardooma, Hargobind Enclave, Delhi, 110092. This is one of the best location in East Delhi. Very convenient and easy to reach. Find us on Google Map for the Directions.

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