The concept of a psychiatric clinic is not very new, but if you go and read the history, you would realize that it was a much scarier place than what it is today. With plenty of reforms, over the years, medical professionals have made their occupation more client friendly than it was before.Psychiatrist at Udgam

Similarly, psychiatrists have worked hard to break away from the stigma that surrounds the mental health field. Even today, the rate at which acceptance is building is very slow compared to the rising need. But all we can do is provide awareness and efficient healthcare systems.

Psychiatrists are trained medical doctors specializing in diagnosing illnesses, managing treatment plans, and providing a range of therapies for mental illnesses. They are trained and specialized medical doctors with an MD in psychiatry. 

A psychiatrist would provide you with medication depending on your problem. But they are also responsible to understand the flow of your condition, and how it progresses.

The reality is that it would take a few tries to find a medication that is suitable for your symptoms and works well with your immune system. Approx. 20 days are needed to see the effect of a medication on the body. Medications these days differ from what is seen on popular tv. There are very few side effects, and the doctor takes care to see your medical history before providing you with any medication.

Commonly Used Medications

  • Antidepressants – for treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.
  • Antipsychotic medications – for treatment of psychotic symptoms (delusions and hallucinations) and schizophrenia.
  • Mood regulators – for treatment of bipolar disorder.

It is advised that you ask your doctor any questions, doubts, or additional information that you might have. Offering accurate details of your symptoms would benefit you in the long run. The psychiatrist would also recommend undergoing therapy and rehabilitation, depending on your situation. These two areas are needed to manage your symptoms or to relearn behaviors and skills respectively.

At Udgam- A Mental Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre, we are very strict about being up-to-date with medical advancements. To provide our patients with the best set of treatments that is useful to them. Our founder and psychiatrist Dr. Rajesh Kumar has experience of more than 13 years. He is very research-oriented and likes to provide evidence-based treatments to his clients. He is very keen on childhood disorders and treatment and is constantly working to ensure more treatment modalities are available in our clinic. He is also very focused on raising awareness of mental health in schools and organizations. He frequently goes to free health camps to encourage people to seek help.

Udgam has a team of mental health professionals under one roof so that clients do not have to run around to set up meetings between different doctors. Our team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, special educators, speech therapists, and occupational therapists. Another benefit of multidisciplinary clinics is that we can consult with others in the field at an efficient rate to give out a suitable treatment plan for our patients.


Psychiatrist in briefMedication is a treatment option given to those who need it. It is not always compulsory and at Udgam we ensure that no unnecessary medication is given. But when it comes to symptom relief, the medications are chosen wisely. And with a few trials, the patient is able to find the perfect dose that helps them. Every person is unique in their composition and symptoms, so even if the medication available to all is the same, the dosage will differ from person to person. Thus to find that good pattern, you need an expert’s opinion.

Services at Udgam Psychiatric Clinic

The clinic offers a wide range of services to the client to promote solidarity and maintain confidentiality within one trusted environment. Child and adolescent psychiatry, Rehabilitation programs, Psychoanalysis, Psychotherapy, Psychological assessment, Corporate Psychiatry, School mental health program, and career counseling are a few examples of the services provided. The departments of the clinic are as follows:

Psychiatry:  They are trained and specialized medical doctors with an MD in psychiatry. 

Clinical Psychology: employs trained and certified clinical psychologists who have completed M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and RCI licenses to practice by the Govt. of India. 

Occupational therapy: We employ trained professionals with years of experience to focus on rehabilitative services for physical, sensory, or cognitive deficit aspects

Speech therapy: employs trained professionals to help clients with speech and language deficits/ disorders by increasing flexibility and strengthening the oral muscles to enhance communication skills.

Special education: specialists address the needs of children through planned and systematically monitored teaching procedures, using specific teaching-learning material, accessible settings, adapted aids, and modified educational plans. To know more about the children's psychiatric clinic in New Delhi click here...


Anuja Sathe

Counselling Psychologist

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