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The awareness of mental health has increased exponentially in the past decade. And another thing that has grown just as quickly is online medical consultations. Due to the nature of work, psychiatrists preferred meeting the patients face to face before prescribing any medications. But in recent years especially after the pandemic, the use of online modes of the meeting has increased. And as such it has helped people in remote parts to gain access to quality healthcare.

To understand the concept further let's divide the topic into three

  • Who is a psychiatrist?
  • Why should you receive help from a professional?
  • How to get an online session with a psychiatrist?

Who is a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatry is a field of medical science that deals with studying, diagnosing, treating and managing issues/ disorders of the mind. Doctors specialized in the field of psychiatry are called a psychiatrist. They have completed 5 years of MBBS, and then 3 years of MD. The field of Psychiatry is very vast and has multiple applications. Psychiatrists can be found in hospitals, Private clinics, government offices, military departments and more.

Receive Functional Aid

The definition of good help is when help comes, from proper channels and through licensed professionals. Having awareness about those who spread false information, and advice without proper knowledge. And we sometimes give more importance to harmful practices than evidence-based treatments, because they are widespread, cheaper, or attractive.

Many individuals have started online pages or YouTube channels, without a certified professional operating them. These people cause more harm to the individual.

Providing good, reliable, and assured assessment and treatment plans for mental health, is the reason for needing a psychiatrist in 2023.

When you enter a treatment session, it is designed based on 

  • the situation,  
  • your preparedness, 
  • insight level
  • adherence level 

It is personalized and effective. A lot of the control is in your hands.

And if you ever feel that the treatment plan is not good for you, speak to your doctor. And adjust the plan accordingly. While looking for the same, it will be difficult with online personalities, and uncertified life coaches. 

Psychiatrist at Udgam

At Udgam, we believe in providing holistic care for our clients, whether they are a minor or an adult. While operating multiple departments under one roof, we help people bridge the gap that goes into finding a certified professional. to more know follow our website page click here:

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