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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in East Delhi

Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an aspect of mental health and rehabilitation service that has a wide range of benefits and uses. It involves the detailed assessment and treatment of speech problems, speech disorders, communication issues, and retraining. Speech therapists are trained in the art of identifying, analyzing, assessing, and managing speech and language disorders.

Every speech defect is different and every client is different. At UDGAM we take special care to tailor the therapy according to the needs of the individual. The success of therapy sessions depends on the disorder being treated, its severity, frequency of sessions, medical conditions, and age groups. Adherence to treatment and assigned activities is also important.

Benefits of Speech Therapy for Kids:

1- Gain the ability to express their needs- the child gains the ability to not only express and communicate but also build upon their needs and tell them to the world. By using the means of both verbal and non-verbal communication. This is essential to build relationships and interacting in the social world.

2- Recognizing and understanding others: therapy helps the child to understand and comprehend speech, body language, non-verbal cues, and idioms that other people use.

3- Clarity of Speech: Pronunciation of words and articulation of sounds both are important concepts. Children with ASD or any other developmental disorders that impact speech, find it hard to articulate or verbalize properly.

4- Initiating interaction: there is a need to be spontaneous to maintain conversations and build relationships. Therapy can help them mix in with people and interact better with friends. They will not only communicate what they want but also communicate in a way that others are able to understand.

Speech Therapy in Udgam

At UDGAM we employ trained professionals to help clients with speech and language deficits/ disorders. Following a detailed assessment, an individualized therapy plan is made to increase flexibility and strengthen oral muscles to enhance communication skills. We believe in both treatment and prevention; therefore, we see the work of this department in multiple facets of this industry. It aids in not only learning vocalization but also in improving confidence in oral speech. Most children get better with age and regular sessions, while adults may need more time and maintenance sessions as well. If there is an underlying medical condition then, speech-related symptoms may alleviate, when the illness is treated. Contact us at 011-4052-7617, 9811350476 to book an appointment with our speech therapist.

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