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Speech Therapist in East Delhi

Speech Therapy in East Delhi

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

Speech and Language Therapy provides treatment, support, and care for children/adults with any concerns with the development or usage of communication skills, be it delay in development, non-fluency, misarticulation, voice or intonation issues, problems to do with swallowing, eating, drinking or sucking. Any issues with the functioning of Oral-musculature and the development and usage of vocabulary are aided by a speech and language pathologist.

Speech Therapy Psychiatry and Psychology

The children/ adults who face any communication verbal, or non-verbal, due to any physical or psychological concerns, get treated through the specialized plan of speech therapists.

Who requires Speech & Language Therapy?

The children with any delay in the development of language skills, children with any articulation issues, children requiring language Intervention strategies, for issues with non-fluency, stuttering, stammering, resonance, and intonation issues. Speech Therapy may be needed for Speech Disorders that develop in childhood or Speech Impairments in adults caused by an injury/ illness, such as stroke or brain injury.

If the child is not babbling by around 9-10 months or has not been able to combine words by 18 months or if the child has stopped saying words/ sounds suddenly that he/ she was previously saying then a Speech-Language Therapist must be consulted.

Children with hearing impairment also require Speech Therapy. Children with the palate, or children with any neurological disorders, like autism or any other receptive expressive disorders.

Any cognitive-communication disorders, which affect the ability to think and answer, other memory issues, etc. Children with Aphasia, Dysarthria, etc.

How Speech-Language Therapy works?

Speech therapy exercises and activities vary depending on the child’s disorder, age, and needs.

During the therapy, the speech and language therapist interacts through talking and playing and using picture cards, books, and other objects as part of language interventions to help stimulate language development.

Modeling of correct sounds, and syllables for a child during age-appropriate play to teach the child how to make certain sounds and pronounce certain words, through different strategies and approaches. The Parents/ caregivers are also provided with a home plan to carry forward the exercises and activities, at home too. The exercises are done to strengthen oral muscles, breathing exercises for building resonance, conversational tactics to improve social communication, and activities to enhance problem-solving, memory, and organization to build upon cognitive communication.

Importance of Speech and Language Therapy

It is crucial that a child with limited vocabulary, delay in language development, and issues with articulation, gets regular Speech and Language therapy, so that the children are able to communicate their daily and basic needs and wants with others in the environment, interact and play with others in the social environment and engage in productive activities for the overall development of child to enhance decision making, reading skills, communicative play and contextual narrative with others it is important that children/ adults get frustration and aggression in children and impatience in parents too.

How UDGAM will help

At UDGAM, we have a team of specialized and trained professionals to help children/ adults with any speech and language deficits/ disorders. Proper assessment is done and accordingly, an individualized therapy plan is made to enhance flexibility and strengthening of oral muscles to foster social communication skills. This personalized plan

  • Lists individualized goals for the child.
  • Specifies the plan for services the youngster will receive.

The team of specialized and skilled speech and language therapists with the latest technical and accessible infrastructure would help the parents seek the answers to their queries and get the required support and remedial plan for their child. We believe that the right interventions for children can bring impactful changes in their and their parent’s life.

We have an online home-based program and clinic-based program for children with neurodevelopment difficulties special needs and Learning disabilities. We provide quality care, support & multidisciplinary services to achieve this and promote Hope, Health & Happiness.


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