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Unique Facts About Mindfulness


Unique Facts About mindfulness

In this advancing technological era, where more and more day to day tedious jobs are now being carried out with the help of computers and artificial intelligence, we have become dependent on highly efficient technology to get multiple jobs done in short time. Yes, what a wonder computers are indeed!!

But most of us will be shocked to know that our brain, a small 1.5 kg organ in our head, containing 86 billion neurons which are as many as stars in our galaxy, is faster than 10,000 everyday computers working together and has a memory of 1 petabyte (which is equivalent to one thousand terabyte). If a computer is a man-made wonder, human brain is an incredible natural miracle!

Whatever activity we are performing in our day, our brain is always multi-tasking on multiple facets. It is like a power house which works round the clock without taking a break. Every human brain generates an average of 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Whew!! That’s a lot of thoughts to manage for a person. Although this is a normal behavior for our brain, things become unmanageable when most of our thoughts become obsessive in nature. Obsessive thoughts leave toxic effects on our body and mind. Single minded focus on crowding thoughts makes mind jumbled, confused and tired. Upset minds lack creativity and thoughtfulness and lower memory retention. It leads to chronic stress, weakens immune system, disturb hormonal balance and cause depression.

Practicing mindfulness or meditation has been found therapeutic in nature for both our body and mind. Let’s find more about it through some fun facts here!

1. Release The Bird From The Cage!!

With so many thoughts in our mind and with our over stressful way of living, our brain has become a slave of its own making. With all the stress and obsessive thoughts running rampart in our mind, our brain is like a frustrated animal in a cage and mindfulness is the key. Mindfulness frees our mind. With this practice, we can channelize the energy of brain in a positive and relaxing manner. Making yourself aware of the present surrounding and focusing our brain on sensations around us, frees our brain from unnecessary and self-disparaging thoughts. A study conducted at University of Montreal, found that 30 minutes of practicing mindfulness for 8 weeks can physically change our grey matter increasing our ability to learn and retain memory.

2. Let That Creativity Flow

Mindfulness is the only form of meditation that brings out the more creative side of you. Getting rid of our anxiety, it helps us to tap into the uncharted territory of new and creative ideas. Usually we get so lost in the same type of cycling thoughts that any innovative ideas escape us. Mindfulness helps being our focus to new things and experiences.

Our every waking hour is spent working and whatever’s left is spent using gadgets. Our minds are constantly engaged in one thing or another not leaving enough time for our brain to recharge or have a thoughtful moment which affects our creativity and conscience. Creativity demands efforts but gadgets make us effortless. Mindfulness frees our mind enough to expand our horizon of thinking from where creativity flows.

3. 100 Billion Plus A Few More

An adult human brain consists an average of 100 billion cells. Breaking the age old myth scientists have proved that our brain still generates new cells. Research has proved that mindfulness help generate new cells in our brain which further reduces stress and helps the practitioner overcome anxiety and depression.

4. Escape The Escapism

According to a latest study by Microsoft, the average attention span of humans (thanks to mobile phones) has been reduced to 8 seconds. It is a known fact that our ever wandering mind takes a rain check from reality whenever the push comes to shove and escapes elsewhere. We often find ourselves lost in thought in a middle of a lecture. We might be physically present but our mind is often absent. As a result, we lose so much information out of our life that could be of importance. Daily practice of mindfulness is known to increase the focus and concentrating abilities of our brain.

Increased focus and creative ideas together can give productive results and make wonderful changes in our life.

5. A Pure Cure

While popping pills is the easiest way to make pain go away or to treat a sickness, they leave a number of side effects on our body. Studies show that practicing mindfulness boosts our immunity to fight diseases. Long time practice of mindfulness meditation increases the number of active genes in our body which helps cure serious illnesses like cancer, depression, insomnia, anxiety etc. It has also been proved that regular relaxation exercise increase the body’s pain threshold. In just 4 days of mindfulness practice, the perception of pain is found to be cut in half from the practitioners who do not practice mindfulness.