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Tough Boss

Tough Boss

Tough boss is basically a senior official whose ideology, the style of working or the art of getting the work done from subordinates does not match with his juniors. This behavior has an immense effect on the working environment of the organization. We can’t comment that this is right or wrong unless it affects the work output. However if the output of organization is affected then this is as an alarming sign.

Is ‘Tough Boss’ a universal concept?

No, it is not. As explained, the toughness of a Boss is a perceived phenomenon.

It is the difference in ideologies or values of a person from that of his subordinates.

The same boss can be tough with some and cool with others at same work place.

Some common traits of so-called ‘Tough Bosses’?

  • Workaholic
  • Repetitive follow-ups with subordinates
  • Frequent meetings
  • Frequent question and demand for additional documents
  • Deadlines for completion of work.
  • Rewards and punishment.
  • Belongs to Type A personality or having obsessive compulsive traits.

How this does affects the organization?

Before implementing one’s ideology on others, the boss should know about the work culture of the organization. One should understand the balance between target oriented work and responsibility oriented work. Proper understanding and amicable work culture may take an organization to the next level. If poorly understood it may also lead to increase in number of dropouts that may prove detrimental for the company.

Some employees like tough target oriented goal while others find it difficult to adjust. They also work responsibly and efficiently, but in a relaxed way. Type B personality employee feels stressed out and do frequent errors in a highly pressurized environment. This may lead to shift of focus on the achievement of the target rather than quality of work.

How to deal with a ‘Tough Boss’

  • Try to understand his expectations from his subordinates.
  • Open and detailed discussion between boss and employee regarding work ideology.
  • Try to understand the philosophy and his cognizance about the content he wants to put into the work.
  • Be honest with him regarding your capabilities.
  • Tell your boss, when you need my kind of training/ help in completing the work.
  • Be sincere about the work.
  • Focus on learning the new concepts of the work. Maybe you find a new way of doing a difficult job.
  • Provides genuine feedback to the boss whenever required.

How Udgam will help you?

If after all the discussion with your boss you are unable to cope up and feel anxious and stressed then this is time for you to seek professional help. Sometimes you are unable to adjust to the situation despite of all efforts. There could be many reasons for this like personality, anxiety, stress or personal problem. At Udgam we have an experienced team to understand you and your problems. To help you with the diagnosis and treatment of the problem. Team UDGAM also   offers a psychological evaluation with a detailed history and mental status examination. There are two main streams of treatment, psychotherapy or medications .

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most effective form of psychotherapy for such problems. CBT includes cognitive therapy, behavior therapy, and learning of coping skills, for the situation that triggers your anxiety. This helps to build your confidence so that you can manage the situation yourself and manage the anxiety symptoms.


Few medications may be helpful to manage the anxiety symptoms.

Few tips for Lifestyle changes and home based remedies

•Maintain physically active lifestyle
• Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
• Quit smoking and reduceor quit drinking caffeinated beverages.
• Use stress management and relaxation techniques.
• Make sleep a priority
• Eat healthy