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Housewives & their Mental Health

Housewives, their mental health

  1. Housewives, their mental health with everyone staying at home 24×7. ?
  2. How can they get affected and solutions?

The lockdown and pandemic of corona did not reflect the apprehension of only health but also the financial, relationship, and job related stress. The feelings of negativity have permeated in every corner of life, like personal, family, professional or social. Gradually happiness has also gone for quarantine. People are staying at home 24×7, has brought happiness in some family, they started enjoying their togetherness, for what they had craved for long time,  at the second hand this togetherness suffocating few families. The happiness or sorrow in the family depends on the condition of emotional and mental harmony. Recently it has been observed the surge of domestic violence across the word. It has not affected only higher or middle socio-economic but also lower strata.

Factors for emotional disturbances

Behavior of children, husband, in laws creates emotional turmoil in the house wives. The fear of loss of job or financial loss, sitting idle at home, apprehension of health, lots of uncertainties, make husband or head of family member anxious and irritable. House wives are easy target of their frustration and it leads to emotional and physical violence. Increased food demand among family, lack of subsidiary help from maid, lack of domestic help from other family member, lack of interaction with friends, Unavailability of alcohol for husband, increased work for children are few factors those are affecting the mental condition of house wives. All time visibility, constant comment, conflict or rotten relationship, add few more effect on mental condition.  Lack of rest, sleep disturbances, high stress, making them frustrated, anxious, depressed.


Depressive Symptoms
  • Lack Of Energy,
  • Low Mood,
  • Increased Irritation,
  • Frequent Fight,
  • Lack Of Interest,
  • Decreased Pleasurable Activities,
  • Sleep Disturbances,
  • Lack Of Appetite Are Few Common.
Anxiety Symptoms
  • Increased Palpitation,
  • Shortness Of Breath,
  • Tremors Of Body,
  • Apprehension

How UDGAM will help in treatment?

Team UDAGM, the clinical psychologist expert in stress management counseling, will be your real friend and will help to manage your problems gracefully?

How can they get solutions?

  • Acknowledgement of problems by husband and other family member. Mitigate the previous conflict if any; reduce the anxiety related to job or financial problems, take help from therapist.
  • Proper communication among family member.
  • Distribution of work among family member.
  • Proper rest.
  • Regular sleep.
  • Talk to your friend and family who support you.
  • Psychological help if required.