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Who are Psychiatrists?

Psychiatry is a field of medical science that deals with studying,  diagnosing, treating, and managing issues/ disorders of the mind. Mind is not a subjective term here. It refers to our brain, in terms of its functionality, cognitive pattern, neural structure, and resulting behaviors.

Doctors specialized in the field of psychiatry are called a psychiatrist.

They have completed 5 years of MBBS, and then 3 years of MD. There are further specializations available, to build an area of expertise like pediatric psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, neurophysiology, developmental disorder, addiction psychiatry, military psychiatry, dementia-related disorders, pain management, sleep, and headache, etc. Psychiatrists are often found employed in multispeciality hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, govt centers, NGOs, and private clinics.

Qualities of Good Psychiatrists:

There are many qualities that you would look for in good psychiatrists.

  • One is the depth of knowledge they have. You can research more on it using the internet, reviews, and even by having a preliminary session with the doctor.
  • The second thing you look for is empathy and availability. How closely are they able to understand, reflect, and willing to take the time and effort needed to explain the treatments to you?
  • Good listening and observation skills along with the ability to ‘work with the patient’ are also necessary when undergoing therapy with a professional

Methods of Assessment and Treatments:

A good, valid, reliable, and standardized way of assessment is essential in mental healthcare. Incorrect, lacking, or added information can vastly affect an individual's treatment plan, which is detrimental to health. A professional with good experience and knowledge of various tools of assessment is essential when treating a mental health disorder/ problem. The psychiatrist utilizes various methods to assess an individual, which includes

  • Clinical Interview.
  • Mental Status Examination.
  • Behavior and ADL's Assessment.
  • Dysfunctionality Assessment
  • Physical/ /body examination, like blood tests, and brain imaging (MRI, PET scan, CT scan). 

Treatment and management methods used by psychiatrists are as follows

  • Pharmacological Treatment
  • Psychotherapeutic Interventions
  • Behavioral Therapy
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Hospitalisation/ Palliative Care
  • Pain Management
  • Relaxation Therapy

Commonly Used Medications

  • Antidepressants – for treatment of depression, PTSD, anxiety, OCD, and PTSD.
  • Antipsychotic medications – for treatment of psychotic symptoms (delusions and hallucinations) and schizophrenia.
  • Mood regulators – for treatment of the bipolar disorder.

Relapses are common in psychiatric illnesses like OCD, Bipolar disorder, substance abuse, psychosis, etc. The environmental changes, stressors, poor lifestyle, not having medication according to the prescription, and others. At all times, the support of a competent resourceful, and trustworthy psychiatrist is necessary. It is advised that you ask your doctor any questions, doubts, or additional information that you might have. Offering accurate details of your symptoms would benefit you in the long run. The psychiatrist would also recommend undergoing therapy and rehabilitation, depending on your situation. These two areas are needed to manage your symptoms or to relearn behaviors and skills respectively.

Why Do We Need a Psychiatrist in 2023?

Unlike previous years, the percentage awareness of mental health following the pandemic has increased exponentially.  

People have started to accept the fact that mental health is a natural phenomenon, which affects us tremendously. So we should take care of it, just like we do with our physical health. 

Mental health is also being more openly talked about, at interpersonal, intrapersonal, and community levels. With the rise of education and more people graduating in psychology in metropolitan cities, the gap between the requirements of the country and available professionals is getting filled.

However increasing awareness in society is not why we need a psychiatrist, it is due to increasing awareness in oneself. The present or absent knowledge of self, past burdens, present challenges, and prospective apprehensions.

Choose the Proper Ways of Getting Treatment

If needed, one can interact with a psychiatrist to get aid in the situations given above, because awareness is only useful if we make wise decisions based on it. One such decision is to get help when we need it, from proper channels and with licensed professionals. Let us be aware of those who spread false information, and advice without proper knowledge. And give more weightage to harmful practices than evidence-based treatments.

Even if there is a cheaper treatment available, it is always not the most reliable. Many individuals, these days, have started online pages, youtube channels, and even care centers, without a certified professional operating them. These people cause more harm to the individual. So it is best to always be aware of those who claim to be helpful but do not possess proper qualifications. While there is a present mindset in our country that a degree or a qualification is not everything. Experienced licensed Psychiatrists are reliable professionals to consult.

Psychiatrist at Udgam

Dr. Rajesh Kumar is a senior psychiatrist and founder of the UDGAM clinic, with over 13+ years of experience, in child and adult psychiatry. He is a research-oriented professional, who focuses a lot on utilizing evidence-based treatment in his practice. After his post-graduation in psychiatry, he worked at GB Pant hospital; New Delhi, ESI Hospital; Delhi, Central jail hospital; Tihar, Delhi. He is currently working in MAX Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi as a consultant. An empathetic and humble professional, Rajesh sir is very authentic in his work, he makes a point to cater to the benefit of the patient. Sir has worked with various institutions, and gained knowledge in many different areas. He prefers to stay connected with other professionals so that he can cater the best services to his patients.


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