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Psychiatrists in Delhi

Psychiatrist in Delhi

India is one of the most populated countries, with a lot of cultures and complicated history. It could be one of the most diverse places in the world, with multiple types of people living together. And in 2023 you would be coming across multiple cultures in a single day. And in the capital, Delhi, the idea of mental health among the most diverse group is just that, it is diverse. While some individuals are receptive to the idea of mental health, a lot of them completely reject it. With multiple awareness campaigns happening across the state, we are hoping to encourage people to understand and acknowledge their mental health and that of others.

When needed, we can interact with a psychiatrist to get aid in challenging situations, because mental health awareness is not just for spreading around, it is useful if we use it to make wise judgments. 

What we consider Abnormal behavior is different from the layman's term. Abnormal behavior would be defined as behavior that is uncommon in a particular culture, it is also

  • Maladaptive and Deviant: does not follow social norms in which the personal lives
  • Distressing: it causes the person stress and apprehension
  • Dangerous: the behavior may prove to be dangerous to both the persona and others around them.
  • Dysfunctional: if the particular behavior is problematic and causes issues in the daily functioning of the person.

Mental health professionals are obligated to brief you before any decisions are made. So don’t feel as if you don’t have any control over the situation. And make your decisions with all the facts in front of you.

Psychiatrist in Delhi 

At Udgam we work to promote quality mental healthcare, with multiple specialties and facilities for various psychological, developmental, and behavioral issues. The clinic tries to bridge the gap in time that people lose in understanding the problem and then finding the right professional for it. 

Psychiatry is a field of medical science that deals with studying,  diagnosing, treating, and managing issues/ disorders of the mind. Mind is not a subjective term here, it refers to our brain, in terms of its functionality, cognitive pattern, neural structure, and resulting behaviors.

Doctors specialized in the field of psychiatry are called a psychiatrist.

They have completed 5 years of MBBS, and then 3 years of MD. There are further specializations available, to build an area of expertise like pediatric psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, neurophysiology, developmental disorder, addiction psychiatry, military psychiatry, dementia-related disorders, pain management, sleep, and headache, etc. Psychiatrists are often found employed in multispeciality hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, Govt care centers, NGOs, private clinics, etc.

The Vision of the Clinic

The vision of the clinic is to provide the correct intervention at the right time to an individual with difficulties related to mental health, emotional management, and behavioral problems that can bring impactful changes in their life. Often, we miss out on seeking treatment right away, or we might get even more confused while looking for a second or a third opinion from a professional. Both of these can be a very natural way to respond to a stressor, but it does cause us to lose more time. 

Services are available in the clinic and through the online channel.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar - Senior Psychiatrist

With over thirteen plus years of experience in child and adolescent psychiatry, Dr. Rajesh Kumar is a shining example of an empathetic and humble professional. He is very research-oriented and has experience in teaching as well. Dr. Rajesh has been putting a lot of effort into the growth of Udgam clinic for the past few years, to ensure there is an ethically sound and functionally UpToDate service available to children and adults with mental health problems and the general population as well.


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