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Psychiatrist in East Delhi

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Psychiatrist in East Delhi

Psychiatrists, on the whole, are a widely misunderstood variety of doctors. They are feared or stigmatized because of the area of the profession they work in. Mental health and the word crazy have been associated together for too long. A lot of people through movies or videos are still stuck with the idea of a mental institution centuries old, where sick individuals are put in dungeons or electroconvulsive therapy was common.

Modern Healthcare

That is not what healthcare is, in modern times where patient well-being and human rights are taken into the highest consideration, the environment of healthcare is beneficial, consent-based, and safe. Ethics catering to patients well being are the most important
Doctors specialized in the field of psychiatry are called a psychiatrist. They have completed 5 years of MBBS, and then 3 years of MD. Psychiatrists are often found employed in multispeciality hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, Govt care centers, NGOs, private clinics, etc.
When needed, we can interact with a psychiatrist to get aid in challenging situations, because mental health awareness is not just for spreading around, it is useful if we use it to make wise judgments.
Mental health professionals are obligated to brief you before any decisions are made. So don’t feel as if you don’t have any control over the situation. And make your decisions with all the facts in front of you.

Work of Medications

Psychiatrists are doctors specializing in diagnosing mental illnesses, managing treatment plans, and providing a range of therapies for mental illnesses. They are trained and specialised medical doctors with an MD in psychiatry. At the clinic, they treat patients both at the clinic (OPD) and on an online platform. Medication and its side effects have always been a big concern. Research shows that in some cases therapy remains ineffective as the patient is not in a fit state to generate insight or to even pay attention. In such cases, medications provide a booster connection for that therapy to take effect. But in other cases, medication might not be needed at all.

Mental Health in East Delhi

India is one of the most populated countries, with a lot of cultures and complicated history. It could be one of the most diverse places in the world, with multiple types of people living together. And in 2023 you would be coming across multiple cultures in a single day. And in the capital, Delhi, the idea of mental health among the most diverse group is just that, it is diverse. While some individuals are receptive to the idea of mental health, a lot of them completely reject it. With multiple awareness campaigns happening across the state, we are hoping to encourage people to understand and acknowledge their mental health and that of others.

Psychiatrist at Udgam

At Udgam we work to promote quality mental healthcare, with multiple specialties and facilities for various psychological, developmental, and behavioral issues. The clinic tries to bridge the gap in time that people lose in understanding the problem and then finding the right professional for it. We have the best child psychiatrist in East Delhi, along with highly qualified professionals in the areas of clinical psychology, occupational therapy, special education, and speech therapy under one roof.

Psychiatrist in DelhiDr. Rajesh Kumar - M.D. (Psychiatry) M.B.B.S

Dr. Rajesh Kumar is an evidence-oriented practitioner, with a love for teaching as well. With over 15 years of experience in child and adult psychiatry, he is empathetic and humble, in his practice.
He has been putting a lot of time and effort into the growth of Udgam clinic for the past few years, to ensure ethically sound and functionally UpToDate services for both children and adults alike.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar believes in designing individualized treatment plans with ethical conduct, pharmacological focus (if needed), and suitable therapeutic interventions. He has many publications and a keen interest in child psychology. Dr. Rajesh has worked at GB Pant hospital; New Delhi, ESI Hospital; Delhi, Central jail hospital; Tihar, Delhi, and is currently working as a consultant at MAX Hospital, Patparganj, Delhi.
About our standing among healthcare clinics, we say that as long as the professional is skilled, knowledgeable, and helpful to the client then, they are the best. And that is what we strive to do at Udgam clinic.

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