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Child Psychiatrist & Psychologist in Indirapuram Ghaziabad

Child Psychiatrist & Psychologist

Know Your Child Better!, Child Psychology, Child Psychiatrist Neuro-Developmental, Psychological Assessment, Speech Therapy. Learning Disability, Special Education, Occupational Therapy, School Mental Health Program & ADHD Ms. Dona Singh and Dr. Rajesh Kumar available at Shanti Gopal Hospital contact @ 9811350476 / WhatsApp!


Child Psychology 

Ms. Dona Singh has 12 + years of expertise in child psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Relaxation Therapy, Family Therapy, Parent training, and counseling. How to Consult Ms. Dona Singh for Your Child. You can book the appointment at two places in New Delhi - Udgam and Shanti Gopal Hospital

Child Psychiatrist 

Dr. Rajesh Kumar practices and researches child/children psychiatry with UDGAM and Shanti Gopal Hospital. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Emotional crisis management, Internet addiction, Headache and Migraine, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorder, De-addiction, Sexual Disorder, Marital & relationship crisis management, Various Modern Therapy like rTMS,

General Psychiatry

Dr. Rakesh Sexana has 25+ years of experience in children's psychology expertise with special needs with behavioral, Learning, Communication, and Emotional problems, Attention, and Adaptive skills, Children with Autism, ADHD, Specific Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities, Hearing Impairment, Downs Syndrome, Slow Learners, etc.,

ADHD Cause

It is a common condition that is present from early childhood, affecting brain development and is therefore called a neuro-developmental disorder. It is also known as a hyperkinetic disorder, affects boys more than girls.The symptoms of this, especially from the behaviour can be identified even earlier than 5 years of age and the symptoms may continue through adulthood.

Symptoms of Autism  

It’s a difficulty that a child is born with and is therefore known as a neurodevelopmental disorder. The signs and symptoms can be typically identified before the age of 3 years. It is also known as an Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as there are differences in the type and severity of symptoms experienced by children. The spectrum includes disorders like Autism, Asperger’s Disorder,

Parents Counseling

A lot of the time, we encounter people who are confused about what to expect from a counsellor. They would log onto some unverified source to understand their problems. Well, this article aims to give you 10 logical and realistic steps you should know before you go for mental health counselling.

Clinical Psychology

Include Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Neuro-Cognitive Training that help the child to develop positive mental health, better coping and emotional management of complex emotions (like anger, sadness, anxiety etc.), as well as dealing with behaviours like aggression, defiance, and tantrums.

Corporate Psychiatry

“Corporate Psychiatry or Work place counselling is a psychiatric or Psychological knowledge or skill for the individual of an organization, to deal with day to day emotional, behavioral issues related to organization or work, which effects working culture or environment, and make them functionally better”


Psychiatry is a medical branch that deals with mental health issues. Psychiatry has had a long journey from ancient Ayurveda to modern medical science. As much as this subject was made untouchable, discarded, unveiled, and stigmatized in history, in this modern era it is going to be a more demanding and necessary subject. People started to understand the importance of mental health wellness,

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy provides treatment, support and care for children/adults with any concerns with development or usage of communication skills, be it delay in development, non-fluency, misarticulation, voice or intonation issues, problems to do with swallowing, eating, drinking or sucking.

Special Education

Special Education is the process of addressing the individual needs of children through individually planned and systematically monitored teaching procedures, using specific teaching-learning material, accessible settings, adapted aids and modified educational plans.

Occupational Therapy

There are many kids who struggle in their daily routine work, or tasks because of poor motor skills, sensory difficulties, or balance and coordination problems. This dysfunction could be due to childhood Neuro-developmental, emotional, or behavioral problems like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit 

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychology

Psychotherapies are much more than just telling a piece of advice. They are scientific and way beyond advice. It involves the use of empirically established techniques to that different psychological illnesses and difficulties. Psychotherapy is also not about being judgmental or blaming the patient or others for someone’s ill health.

Know Your Child Better!!

Available tests: IQ, SQ, DQ, learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, stress, anxiety, depression, OCD and personality, etc. In the clinic there are many types of testing available, we only suggest necessary tests, and post-test counseling sessions to help you get a detailed report. And a better understanding of yourself. Contact us to book an appointment or learn more

School Mental Health Programme

Children and adolescents mark significant transitions in physiological, cognitive, emotional, moral, social, and other domains. Though most youngsters sail through these transitions, some become stressed, which may result in psychological problems.


UDGAM - A Mental Health Care and Rehabilitation Centre is in Association with Shanti Gopal Hospital.

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