E-mail: vidushisaxena@udgammentalhealthcare.com
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Expertise : Audiology, childhood Speech and Language Pathology, Speech, Language, Social- Cognitive communication, swallowing disorders.

Ms. Vidushi Saxena | MASLP I BASLP (Gold Medalist)
Language Known : English | Hindi

Ms. Vidushi Saxena, an Audiologist, Speech and Language Pathologist has done her MASLP, BASLP (Gold Medalist) and topped in all her University Examinations. She has been awarded with TATA Trust Scholarship for her commendable and sustained work in this field. She specializes in helping patients prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, social- cognitive communication and swallowing disorders. Speech disorders to do with stuttering and disfluency or other voice or resonance concerning issues, are very aptly taken care of by the team of speech and language therapy department at UDGAM. Social communication disorders, like- problems with greetings, commenting, questioning, storytelling, following rules for conversation and manipulating voice, as and when required. Skills involved in organizing thoughts, planning and problem solving is also touched upon as the case requires. Disorders due to any traumatic brain injury like stroke, is also handled with precision and care. Swallowing, feeding difficulties are also worked upon and strategies to parents are also given. She is proficient and works upon any auditory, attention, reading, listening, verbal expression, comprehension, problem solving, and processing deficits in enhancing communication.