Child Psychiatrists In Preet Vihar East Delhi

A child psychiatrist diagnoses and treats behavioural and thought disorders

We have a India’s Np.1 team of Adolescent And Child Psychiatrists in East Delhi, who specializes in diagnosing and treating behavioural and thought disorders in children.

A child psychiatrist is a professional who treats emotional and psychological disorders with many intervention therapies. The treatment plan may also include medication. The services are rendered in sessions with the child in the privacy of the clinic. The services are non-medical, but may also include some medication in some cases.

The treatment plan of a child psychiatrist in east Delhi:-

The treatment plan of the Child Psychiatrist in East Delhi is based on the assessment and diagnoses of the child. It may also include medication, or behaviour therapy to eliminate negative behaviour. The child psychiatrist also associates with school, and parents to enable the supportive environment for a child at school and at home. The professional talks with the child and families to understand the problems affecting the child. A wide range of behavioural tests is also conducted to accurately get to the root of the problem. Unlike counsellors, the psychiatrist can conduct the medical tests on blood and urine to test the chemical composition of these samples.

Problems a child psychiatrist deals with:-

  • Learning difficulties
  • Autism
  • Attention deficient hyperactive disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional and adjustment issues
  • Behaviour issues, and
  • Child psychiatrist issues.

After complete assessment and understanding of the particular problem of the child, the psychiatrist makes a treatment plan that effectively deals with the problem of the child. The treatment plan is sessions with the professional in complete privacy. During the sessions, the professional develop trust, communicates with the child, and guides on practical steps. Further tests are also conducted to monitor the progress. The practical steps suggested by the professional are simple, which a child can take to improve his mental and emotional functioning. These steps do not require any additional input, just a change in the outlook and positive approach.

In the case of autism, the comprehensive therapy is followed by the Child Psychiatrists in Preet Vihar Delhi to bring a desired change in the child and help the child become self-sufficient in daily tasks of life. Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder is also reduced through counselling sessions without medication. However, unlike counsellors, the psychiatrist can prescribe medication. The duration of the sessions and treatment depends on the condition of the problem. The family is also involved in some sessions so that a favourable and helpful environment at home supports the child during the treatment and after completion of the treatment.

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