Best Speech Therapist In East Delhi

Speech therapy is the only scientific treatment of various speech impediments

Best Speech Therapist in East Delhi provide world class Speech therapy which helps kids with language-related learning issues, such as speaking, listening and writing.

Speech therapy is given to a child suffering from various speech impediments. These speech impediments range from inability to speak fluently, inability to articulate properly and lack of ability to clearly speak a full sentence without awkward silence between words. The speech impediments are also known as stammering, stuttering or simple lack of fluency.

The best Speech therapy in East Delhi is a comprehensive therapy tackling the psychological, emotional and physiological aspect of the speech. The therapy teaches the right articulation techniques, proper breathing and several exercises to relax the organs of speech. The organs include the tongue, neck, vocal cords, jaws, and lips. The child slowly and slowly learns the articulate the sound of the vowels, and consonants and then attempts to complete the word and subsequently a sentence. When the ability to articulate a word and form sentence comes, the old defective style is not repeated anymore.

The speech therapy in east Delhi is one to one session with the child, where the speech therapist performs the same exercises and the child learns to imitate the same exercises. The sessions develop the ability of a child to speak fluently without relying on the old defect style.

The speech therapy is based on the premises that once a stuttering or the stammering person develop the ability to articulate a vowel and consonant, the need to fall back on the bad habit comes down and gets eliminated in the speech sessions.

The speech therapist who is a professional with the right qualifications and experience uses various strategies to help a child speak fluently. The strategies are


Language intervention activities –modelling and feedback are given to child to help develop many skills .the therapist uses interesting story books, pictures, and play games to practise the language skills.

Articulation therapy – the therapist teaches the movement of the tongue to produce the correct sound, and the child learns and also makes the same sound, thus learning the articulation method.

Exercises of facial muscles – The therapist shows various exercises to strengthen the muscles of the mouth. This may include facial massage, tongue, lip or jaw exercises.

The Best Speech Therapist in East Delhi aims to correct the wrong speaking habit of the child and develop the right speaking habit. It is non-medical therapy and does not involve the use of any drug or medication regimen. The results are permanent. The duration depends on the severity of the speech problem of the child.

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